My Story

This studio is a dream come true for Cheri, but is was a long journey to bring her here. Cheri had discovered her love for art in high school and college, and spent years working mostly with snow and sand sculptures, then adding acrylics and painting glass. Knowing she was paying her own way through college, she had to put art behind her to choose a career that would pay the bills. Although it was a sad decision, she worked hard to achieve a successful career in the Business Management and Information Technology field. After 20 years, with the last 11 traveling almost every week as a consultant, Cheri was facing spinal surgery and knew she would have to make a change.

What to do next … that was a tough one. After investigating and eliminating many non-travel jobs near her home in Swedesboro, her sister took her to a “Paint and Sip” studio in upstate New York in January 2014. As she walked through the doors, the grey clouds in her mind parted, the sun came out, and the birds started to sing. It was a very powerful moment, nearly bringing her to tears, and by the end of the class she had no doubt and had started thinking of viable locations. After a few months of planning, she combined her love of business with her passion for art, and opened Burgundy And Brushes to be able to share this joy with others.

Fast forward 3 years, and there was yet another change on the horizon.  Her husband had retired, and it was time to move to Chippewa PA to be closer to their son, his wife and their grand daughter.  With the help of her fabulous staff in Swedesboro, she is continuing to manage the NJ studio remotely.  And with the continued support and help of her family and friends, she has opened the new studio in January of 2018.  This new studio offers the opportunity to extend her focus to include Hammer & Stain DIY workshops, where guests transform unfinished wood into wall worthy pieces.

We can’t wait to see where the journey takes us next.

...A B.Y.O. Social Art Studio